Additional Services

Health & Travel Certificates: We offer domestic travel documents. Airline policies regarding transport of pets are also very restrictive, so it’s a good idea to check with your carrier well in advance of booking tickets to see what documentation will be needed.

Hospitalization: For pet patients that require more care for their illness or injury, we offer daily hospitalization which often entails intravenous fluid support and medication. If overnight care is required, we will refer the patient to a nearby 24-hour facility.

Technician Services: Once a patient is established at our clinic, technicians can provide a myriad of services including diabetic counseling, medication administration, laser therapy, bandage/wound care, laboratory tests and suture removal.

Microchipping: We strongly encourage microchipping because it’s a simple, relatively painless and inexpensive way to help reunite you with your lost pet. Even if your pet lives entirely indoors, a microchip is recommended as indoor pets can escape and become lost. Also, if you find a stray pet, we can scan the animal for a microchip.

Euthanasia and Cremation Services: Making the decision to relieve a pet’s suffering with euthanasia is a difficult one. At Animal General of Cranberry, our caring staff and veterinarians are committed to supporting families during this process.

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